111763 1 KHALID ABD AL-RAHMAN HAMD AL-FAWAZ Al-Qaida QDi.059 2002-04-24 خالد عبد الرحمن حمد الفواز Extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States of America on 5 Oct. 2012. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 22 Apr. 2010.. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 2368 (2017) was concluded on 4 Dec. 2019 INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link:https://www.interpol.int/en/How-we-work/Notices/View-UN-Notices-Individuals Saudi Arabia UN List 2004-11-26 2007-04-23 2010-10-21 2014-08-04 2019-12-06 Good Khaled Al-Fauwaz Good Khaled A. Al-Fauwaz Good Khalid Al-Fawwaz Good Khalik Al Fawwaz Good Khaled Al-Fawwaz Good Khaled Al Fawwaz Good Khalid Abdulrahman H. Al Fawaz United States of America EXACT 1962-08-24 Kuwait Passport 456682 1990-11-06 expired on 13 Sep. 1995