6908479 1 TARAD MOHAMMAD Alnori Alfares ALJARBA Al-Qaida QDi.370 2015-09-29 Border emir of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), listed as Al-Qaida in Iraq (QDe.115) as of Apr. 2015, and ISIL’s leader for operations outside of the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq as of mid-2014. Facilitated the travel from Turkey to the Syrian Arab Republic of prospective ISIL fighters from Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Managed ISIL’s guesthouse in Azaz, Syrian Arabic Republic as of 2014. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 2368 (2017) was concluded on 4 Dec. 2019 INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link:https://www.interpol.int/en/How-we-work/Notices/View-UN-Notices-Individuals Saudi Arabia UN List 2019-12-06 2020-09-10 Good Tarad Aljarba Low Abu-Muhammad al-Shimali EXACT 1979-11-20 Iraq Passport E704088 2003-08-26 expired on 2 Jul. 2008 National Identification Number 1121628414